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Quantum leap in Real Estate

By Guido Poli

Profession: Brand communication consultant, with a history as a copywriter and creative in the world of multinational advertising. Today a corporate educator and trainer for effective communication, public speaking, impactful communication, and creativity. Business and Life Coach.


"I have collaborated with TECMA workgroup and the key to communication, found by such a complex market, hit me.

Above all, TECMA and its clients speak the same language because the workgroup that creates communication has always been led by architects. Therefore, the two parties understand each other and converse with each other perfectly well. What is more: TECMA possesses so much know-how and sector-specific language that it is the company itself that develops the project brief.

It is no longer the client who has to structure the brief and find “the key” to propose their property to the market. It is TECMA that – thanks to the competencies of architects, psychologists, sociologists, copywriters, storytellers, and graphic designers who work together –develops an original design concept, that knows how to bring out the unique characteristics of a property, making them more visible, fascinating, and attractive.

From client’s perspective, it means an extraordinary saving of time on the one hand, and an enhanced perception of the value of their property on the other.

But it is not enough. TECMA has also resolved a problem that, until today, has perplexed everyone: the production of high-quality visual content for selling the “product”. In other words: how does one produce essential “visual material” to describe a project that does not yet exist? And that will not exist for a long time? You can’t do a photoshoot (there is nothing to photograph); you can’t use catalogue material (each property is different from the other); producing prototypes is a long and very expensive process… TECMA has resolved the problem making a sideways jump towards “new territory”: virtual photography.

Thanks to a process and technology belonging to TECMA, “more real than real” images of the property are generated (that have nothing to do with the old rendering). This means a hyper-realistic result, with a truly “cinematographic” impact on whoever looks at them. A perfect means of creating striking communication of a high standard, essential to the sale of high-value properties. The eyes already see “the reality that will be”, provoking excitement, making the mind dream and look to the desired future. In fact, virtual photography is a new and tremendously effective sales tool for the client, a true accelerator for their return on investment.

I end with a consideration: in my experience all successful communication is a “sophisticated mix of commercial information combined with entertainment”. And Tecma, in its sector, is doing just that. But on a completely new level for the market. Creating projects with very strong technical content and the strongest content for captivating. Marrying “science and art” in an original way. Project analysis and creative intuition. The engineering of the process and its capacity to make you dream. To which an irresistible vocation for aesthetic beauty is added that, more and more each day, is becoming the stylistic code of our society. The language that describes the profound aesthetic, humanistic and “artistic” vocation of the Tecma brand to the market."

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