Revolutionary digital technology for Real Estate development

By martina Gazziola
February 2021

Following the rapid growth of e-commerce of consumer goods such as electronics, clothing and foods, real estate is also shifting to e-commerce.

Who would have ever imagined buying a property in a simple, immediate, and personalised way online?

Until recently, this seemed pure science fiction, however, now it is possible thanks to the strategic vision and technology development taking place in TECMA.

Due to COVID-19 health emergency which revealed new needs at a global level and accelerated the previously started process in the company, an innovative software platform was released in May 2020.

It is a package of algorithms and applications that analyse and control the entire process of business of a newly built residential property, from the analysis of the enquiry and proposal management to the sales to the final customer.

Artificial intelligence and big data are the main driving forces of this development.

Attention to real estate professionals and final customers who are the main actors in the unprecedented digital process of property configuration and purchase online.

Platform development was made possible by a group of professionals, that were able non only to optimize the performance of Real Estate at 360°, but also perfectly summed up TECMA’s mission of digitalizing the industry.

A continuous Research & Development as well as following the trends of the market will open new development scenarios of the sector and the dynamic company that is in a continuous and evolution.

Stay tuned.

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