TECMA Academy, the importance of training: before, during, after

By Martina Gazziola
February 2021

When a company is a breeding ground of ideas, it is always a good time to learn. Experience is the best teacher and TECMA shares its know-how in the best Business Schools of the country.

Continuous learning and development of the Human Capital is one of the primary resources of the companies, especially the ones that operate in innovation and creativity fields. Being the pioneers of the market TECMA has collected a number of case studies made up of different tools and concepts.

Continuous education courses are delivered by TECMA in the most influential Business schools.

Organizational and business model innovation that was introduced in the last years, was translated into digital tools and mindset that can be shared and replicated at a larger scale.

Therefore, TECMA is a point of reference in terms of development models in Real Estate sector and its key people give lectures, participate in summit conferences, and hold courses in the most prestigious Master programmes and Business Schools.

In Sole 24 Ore Business School, a synonym of quality education and reliable source of information, several courses on Real Estate, Neuromarketing, Business Design and Architecture have been held.

The above-mentioned schools give floor to TECMA to share its case studies, practical examples, and present itself as a key player in the revolution of the sector.

This is a clear example of how intuition, research and development result in solutions that improve the whole community.

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