Real Estate Investments from a new point of view
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TECMA Business Model

Original business model

TECMA introduces an original business model in real estate investments, qualifying itself as a true business partner of investors and developers.

TECMA co-invests economically and financially in the development of technology and strategic marketing for each ‘Go To Market’ project.

The Revenue Model involves a return on investment directly linked to the success of the property operations.

About Us


TECMA is a joint stock company founded by investors operating in various sectors of Real Estate market such as design and development, property investment and marketing.

How We Work


Our teams develop go-to-market strategies.

TECHNOLOGY + STRATEGIC MARKETING  That add value to projects and speed up properties’ sales cycle.

What We Do


TECMA invests in new developments defining the winning sales strategies. We develop a full range of marketing tools to support the go-to-market process, with a return on investment based on the operation’s success.

Why It Works


With a team of 90 in-house professionals no outsourcing is needed. We can oversee the process of the new property launches step by step as we have comprehensive, in-house know-how within the residential sector.

Adding Value to Projects. Speeding up the Sales Cycle.

TECMA Business MIX

Investments. Know-how. Technology.

Tecma develops a tailor-made process for every single real estate operation, sharing investments, industrial know-how and patented technologies with its investment partners.

Investments Partner

TECMA is a Business Partner
of real estate developers
and investors.

We are not a supplier
of products, services
and technology.

INVESTMENT PARTNERSHIP: is our business model.

We share investments and contribute to the commercial success of the property operations.
TECMA undertakes full responsibility of the Go-to-market and Lead Generation process.

Analysis of suitable technology for each operation.


Orchestra directors that lead the projects.


Developed in many years, applied to the present times.


Technology and art merge for inspiring results.


Planning the winning strategies.


Techniques and Tools to speak to the right target.


Buying property online.


Authentic showrooms to convey beauty of the new property.

A balance between Strategies and Know-How

Industrialization of the Process

Investments. Know-how. Technology

Every project has its own characteristic and therefore follows a specific Go-to-Market strategy.

However, having hundreds of property operations, TECMA has industrialised the value adding process based on time tested workflow.

Every Property development will have standard and tailor-made elements that will ensure lead generation and revenue, as well as highlight the peculiarities of the project.

+100 Professionals
15 divisions

+800 hours per week

Patents and Innovations
In continuous development

Accelerated Sales
Increasing the margin of the property operation


TECMA’s target

Property developers, investors, funds AND brokers.

The benefits of TECMA’s model.

A constructive dialogue between the investors and the final customers in Real Estate industry.

For Developers & Investors

  1. Speeding up the Sales Cycle
  2. Preventing and resolving unsold property problem
  3. Priority to Break even
  4. Increased ROI and ROE

For Final Customer

  1. Increased quality of property thanks to innovative development process
  2. Improved Wellbeing thanks to design
  3. Increased buying confidence due to prior evaluation of all the facilities and characteristics of the property thanks to the use of technology and virtual representation of the project.