Interior Design, System Integration, Real Estate Retail 4.0
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Digital Store

A new concept of real estate retail is developed by integrating design and technology

TECMA designs and develops physical ‘key in hand’ stores to sell and promote new properties, sales are significantly accelerated by System Integration of hardware, software, sensorial environment, and interior design.


The concept of Marketing Suite gives way to Digital Concept Store.  There are more than 50 TECMA Retail Stores all over the world  with floor area varying from 50 to 1000 Sq meters.


TECMA can design physical stores in already existing premises that are redeveloped or renovated or build from scratch with prefabricated tailor-made units. Final customer has a seamless buying experience without clear distinction between real and virtual.  Digital Desk, Virtual Reality, Tablet, Digital Dashboard and custom-made Sales software.

Glass Store
Hardware and Software
Digital Desk

System Integration

Designing a retail store for Real Estate is a specialized field that aims to create a business process that not only generates emotions but also brings the final customer to close the deal.

TECMA designs and builds a ready for use retail store that includes physical structure, system design, construction work, wiring, facilities, integration of electronics and Interior Design.