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15 cloud software applications for your business

Business Technology Platforms

Digital environment to manage the entire business process

TECMA platform comprises the development of Cloud based software made of 15 essential strategic tools for the new Real Estate market.

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TECMA Web Applications
Access your personalized platform to manage and monitor Lead Generation, E-Commerce, Big Data, Sales Software, Home Configurator, and Sales Management.

Octopus 2.0.0

Lead Generation Plus

Reaching any target on web, social media, search engines, news & media on one interface.

Re-Commerce 1.0.0

Online Store

The First Digital Showroom for Real Estate with online InfoPoint, Media Room, Sales Office, Material Library, Virtual Marketing Suite, Payment Management.

Tuning 2.0.0

Big Data Analisys

Real time Big Data analysis and target group behaviours, Big Data interpretation for big results.

Emotions 3.0.0

NeuroMarketing Sales SW

Cloud Software that introduces the concepts of Neuromarketing in Sales process and improves Sales performance.

Home configurator 1.0.0

E-Shop Market Place

First Home Configurator for Real Estate, Materials, Finishes, Furniture, and Optional features for property customisation.

Followup 2.0.0

Sales Management

Manage every step of the sales cycle of a property: Lead Management, CRM, Booking Appointments, Communication with Customers, GDPR management, Proposals and Preliminary Sales Contracts.

Go2Market 1.0.0

Project Management

A dedicated software for effective coordination of all the actors involved in launching a new real estate operation: Investors, Developers, Advisors, Suppliers, Providers and Brokers.

Zeus 1.0.0

Machine Learning

Zeus is an algorithm of supervised machine learning able to examine and elaborate on the big data incoming from online TECMA platforms to make data informed decisions.

Ocean 1.0.0

Digital Data Center

Access to an infinite ocean of market data daily obtained by TECMA’s online platforms. Everyday around 1 million of data is generated, filtered and made available to TECMA’s partners operating in the Real Estate sector.

Re-Meeting 1.0.0

Videocall & Live Sales

A web application able to make 4K video calls with the Final Customer. Unprecedented resolution compared to other commercial applications, specially designed and developed to show and sell the property online.

Floor planning 1.0.0

Interactive Quotation

E-shop where you can choose and select different layouts, floors, a cellar, or a garage and get an online quotation of the chosen property.

My-Home 1.0.0

User Login Area

Reserved User area activated by the sales agent during the first meeting with the Final Customer which contains quotations, customization and documentation and follows throughout the whole process until the moving into a new property.

Any Connection 1.0.0

Api Management

Information technology that connects TECMA platform with the main Admin and CRM platforms.

Followup Enterprise 1.0.0

A Specific Real Estate CRM

A comprehensive database of all the Final Customers and all the operations of the company. Artificial Intelligence helps to create automatic associations with the Final Customers and available ‘stock’ and gives access to all the clusters of data for further in-depth analysis.

Control Management 1.0.0

Custom-Made Real Estate ERP

Real time management control connected to all the real estate operations. Analysis of sales volumes, cashflow, sold/rented properties, stock, sales performance and forecasts based on forecasting algorithms.

TECMA Artificial Intelligence

Machine learninG | FORECASTING | Data Science

Artificial Intelligence is going to transform the relationship between people and technology, stimulating our creativity and competence.

TECMA introduces a new era of disruption and productivity. ZEUS enhances the value of human intelligence in design and sales activities at the same time amplifying the analytical performance thanks to the speed and precision of the machines.

Suite Software Performance

TECMA Software Suite uses its own algorithms of AI developed over the years and based on computational statistics in order to gradually improve the performance of the various software used in business process management and control.

ZEUS is capable of self-learning, by examining and elaborating the Big Data obtained by TECMA online platforms and making data informed decisions.

Strategic hardware for sale

A new tool to facilitate sales of the Real Estate.

Exclusive lines and never seen customer experience in a combination of design and technology.

Work Everywhere

TECMA Software Suite does not simply use responsive technology, but rather adaptive design which remodels and selects contents for each software to guarantee the best user experience for the Final Client and for all the stakeholders of every single property operation.

Data Everywhere

The performance of property operations is accessible from your smartphone. You can access the sales, purchase and interest data of any property anytime.

Tools Everywhere

All the necessary tools provided by a simple and user-friendly platform to fully understand the entire project.

Online Personalization

Dedicated platforms for home personalization.

The prospect buyer can choose all the details of the future home in complete autonomy.

Online Quotations

TECMA technology offers the possibility to provide online quotations and proceed with the purchase process of a new home.

Software Suite Platform

Technology infrastructure

Multilayer approach.

Framework server
Cloud infrastructure

Business Technology Platform

A platform engineered to generate reliability

TECMA software platform is specially designed and developed for Real estate sector. A ‘key in hand’ for online sales and rentals of the properties, qualifies it for unprecedented innovation in the sector.

Cloud efficiency in your hands

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